The 8th annual playing of the greatest of American games
featured an array of classic moments.  It opened up with a
rousing performance from "Too Many Eminems" singing
their international rap hit, "Without Sloshball".  And it
ended with the induction of Milo "El Guapo" Chavis into
the Sloshball Hall of Fame.  In between, Dan Barnett's
"Motley Brew" squad beat Anh Thy Tobin's "Consumers"
and Andy DeLorenzo's "Team Socials" by a 14-9-7 margin.
Sloshball 2002
Dave Oskorus dutifully prepares for the
"worst two minutes of Sloshball" in the
cool blue environs of the visitor dugout.
The ubiquitous Sloshball logo finally appeared in our food
products, as the delightful "Sloshball Cookies" made
their debut.  Next year, look for all the beer cups to look
like mini replicas of the Jacko Championship Trophy.
The festivities kicked off with a rousing appearance by
"Too Many Eminems", starring Slim Seanie and Dr.
Spray and featuring the talented Slim Seanie Singers.
The seventh inning stretch not only featured a Jimmy Eat
World cover by Sean & Dave but also a nifty little rap
from resident Latino, Milo Chavis.
And then it was game time.  Here's one of
our many rookies, Debbie, taking a swing.
It didn't take long before the combo of 90 degree weather,
18 Sam Adams beers and 37 cigarettes hit
Jay.  Two burned
shirts and a pissed off pack of ladies later, something else
hit Jay...Bill's right fist.  So, it's my pleasure to announce
that Jay has been officially banned from Sloshball 2003.
Re-enacting his stunning portrayal of El Guapo, the Toll
Road Worker from the hit movie "Blazing Sloshballs",
Milo practices accepting the Hall of Fame Plaque.
Take your pick--Kevin's head...
or Kevin's tail.
Mark Tobin tries to avoid the
cameraman's rancid beer breath.
While Anh Thy does a lovely job of
keeping her home clean.
Bizzaro shares one of his many injuries
sustained during Sloshball VIII.
Vivian (Bizzaro's slosh babe), strikes a
menacing pose at the plate.
Two-time champion, Captain DeLo heads back to the
home dugout for a little Sloshballian refreshment.
Sloshball favorite, Suzie McClelland.
When it was all said and
done, the commissioner
took the first drink from
the Jacko--having
participated in winning his
first championship since
1995.  Behind him with the
cheesy grin is Dan Barnett,
your 2003 championship
team captain.
The festivities closed out with the awards ceremony, with
medals going to The Homer Champ: Jeff Templeman, The
Rookie of the Year: Jim Young, The Best Play: Ian
McClelland and The MVP: Kevin Dryzga.  And then this
year's suspense ended with the induction of Milo Chavis
into the Sloshball Hall of Fame.  Way to go, El Guapo!!
As always, special thanks go to all the people
who helped put Sloshball together this
year--Anhdai Jacobin,
Sean Kahr, Dave
Oskorus, Milo Chavis, Anh Thy Tobin, Mark
Bill Taylor, Jay Devaney, Duke Kahr, Al
Chuck O'Connor, Suzie McClelland
and Scott Haiduc. And also, special thanks go to
Zoe Jacobin for her stellar 1 second role in the
Hall of Fame video.  Thanks for taking part in
another great game, we'll see you next year on
Sunday, July 6th.
- The Commish
"Without Me"
by Too Many Eminems
Two porta pot johnies in the
outfield, in the outfield, in the
outfield/Two porta pot johnies in
the outfield, in the outfield, in the

Guess what's back, back again,
Sloshball's back, tell a friend/
Sloshball's back, Sloshball's back...

We've created a monster/cuz
nobody wants to play softball no
more/They want Sloshball--that's
what I hear/You want Sloshball?
Here's what I'll give ya/A little bit a
ball, mixed with some cold beer.

Now the Aliso V won't let me
be/Or let me go pee up in a tree/I
can't even say o say can you see/I
thought we wuz livin' in the land
of the free.

But you've waited this long, now
stop debating/Cuz it's back and
summer and it's captivating/I
know you play in those leagues
and all/But softball with out beer is
just so irritating/Heeeeeeey!

Come on now take an at
bat/Screw that/Eat peanuts and get
yourself phat/You know he's got a
package as soft as a pillow/But he
ain't here today, so SCREW YOU

(Chorus) Sloshball, baby, that's
the name/Just put a keg on second
now that a game/Hit a couple
doubles and you won't feel the
same/But you may end up in the
hall of fame. (repeat).

Little hellions, hittin' their
homers/And Dan Whatshisname is
getting a *oner/He smashed the
guitar all over the place/A
disgrace--you shoulda seen the
look on Sean's face.

A visionary, isn't scary?/A
Sloshball revolution making some
people wary/The chapters--they're
springing up from here to
Bombay/You know Sloshball's
going global one day.

Now it's not the first thing to feature
barley/But it is the first thing since big
Chris Farley/To make some thing so
entertaining/Combine spring training
with keg draining/Heeeeey!

Testing, attention please/Now
coming up to bat, it could be
me/Time to lead my team to
victory/You're looking at the

(Repeat chorus)