HeyRyan.com Month 84
July 2009
Man, these outfield seats at the Angels games can get a little hot.
Getting ready to be a Pirate at Ocean Institute camp with Zobo.
I don't think anyone can keep up with my rig.
Me and daddy-o before the annual 4th of July parade at our park.
Kicking back with my DSi, waiting for the fireworks to kick in.
We visited Denver and Dad took me fly fishing--I caught a rainbow!
Hanging out with Josh, having a little dinner at Smokey's BBQ.
And the shot that became a print ad at Smokey's a week later.
We closed out the month with my birthday party at Scooter's Jungle.
I had a great turn-out of kids that day.  And we got reeeeally sweaty.
Here's my Aunt Anhthy about to slide down with six kids at once.
Sean and Milo, acting like fools, slide down together on a single tarp.
Weary (and sweaty) is the head that carries the birthday crown.
My number one gal Nadia and I pose for the camera.  She rocks.
Here are all my crazy friends lined up for the group photo.
That's Avery and Cara from my first grade class making silly faces.
This is the look I get on my face when I know everyone's watching me.
The entire Jacobin family and my pal, Spongy.
I love you, Spongy.  Now get off my donut!!
Zoe & Syd try to split me like a wishbone.  Is Syd trying to kiss me?