HeyRyan.com Month 78
January 2009
Building some snowmen with Harry & Zoe at the Big Bear Tube Hill.
Swapping DS tips with Harry over lunch after we went tubing.
Chinese New Year at Mama Kwee's.  I love those red envelopes!!
Driving my cousin Peter crazy the rest of the day--he's funny.
Our lovely beige house from across the street.
Nothing beats a nice warm milky and a soft train-covered pillow.
We went crazy when it shot up into the air.
"Hey, I see you back there, Mom--how did you know I'd win!?!?"
This month, I was named one of the students of the month at school.
Here I am shaking hands with upper management--job well done.
One day Chloe & Nick's dad Quinton poured mentos in a Coke bottle.
Sure there were dozens like me but I like think I was the best one.
I'm doing really good in
school and making a ton of
friends with my Ferris
Bueller-esque personality.  
See ya next month.