HeyRyan.com Month 72
July 2008
We attended our neighborhood 4th of July parade for the firt
time this year.  We hit it the park early to get some exercise.
Within 5 minutes, the entire neighborhood descended upon
the park and a cool little parade marched through the streets.
We found my buddy Nabil at the park.  We had some snacks
before heading to our house to play some video games.
I love playing the Wii these days.  Here I am playing Rayman--
which is a game that features a bunch of crazed rabbits.
I used to hate them, but now I say "thumbs up for fireworks!"
This year it was a confusing cheese theme.  Here I am with
Zoe wallowing around in mac 'n cheese--her favorite dish.
Every August, we pick the hottest day of the year to hit the
OC Fair to see the local carnies, ride rides and eat fried stuff.
Nothing says old fashioned fairground fun like the old cut-out
picture trick.  Here Zoe & I are disguised as cross-gender cows.
Trying to make my way through a Moscow Circus.
Attention ladies, meet Bigsy Jacobin of the Highway Patrol.
Dad has that "I'm really hot--just take the picture" look.
Before the ride kicks in, I'm the epitome of brazen cockiness.
Then I scream like a school girl as my life flashes before me.
Papa & Berta came to visit us for my birthday--that's me in green.
They had a convertible, which meant Zoe & I rode with them.
Here we are playing with my new Rock Band game on the Wii.
Our latest "one-time use" backyard pool.  This one had a slide.
Hanging out with Dad sipping tasty root beer at our pool.
Check out my sweet goggles, dudes.  See ya next month.  
Later that night, we watched fireworks at Aliso
Town Center where we ran into my pal, Nadia.