HeyRyan.com Month 60
July 2007
Dad busted out and took for a dream trip to
the Angels game by going there on the train!!
We boogied over to Irvine and caught a train that took us
straight to Angels stadium in Anaheim.
You have no idea how much I love trains.  OK, I guess if
you're looking at this picture, you can probably get the idea.
Luckily we came on a day when they were giving away thunder
sticks, which are ultra handy for annoying Dad all game long.
Up at bat is all-time great Angel, Vlad Guerrero.  And
standing on deck is Angels homer king, Garrett Anderson.
It was super hot that day so we were able to make our way
down really close.  Hey, that's John Stamos right behind me.
We took our annual trip down to San Diego for the CU at Del
Mar horse race event.  Dad was happy because he won a few.
And I was happy because I won a cool prize  
and even got to avoid being arm-barred!!
Speaking of hot days--here I am marveling at the sheer
volume of sweat pouring from Dad at an Irvine Meadows show.
We went to the symphony that day and enjoyed some delicious
snacks and a rousing fireworks show.  Hi Jackie O!!
I'm starting to get into baseball and
Dad says I have a pretty sweet
swing, like Howie Kendrick.  I like
to stick my tongue out and give
that ball a ride.  Thanks for
stopping by.