HeyRyan.com Month 6
January 2003
Geez, I'm already 6 months old.  This is
crazy.  I'm already very good at rolling
over and sitting up.  And word on the
street is that I'm going to start crawling
next month.  I even have started eating big
people food and for some odd reason, I
like vegetables best.  In fact, here I am
busting into a fine sampling of "Spinach
Somethignorother".  Delicious!!
One day, Dad took us kids out to the park for a
little swing action.  Zoe flew around like a crazy
woman, while I sat and checked things out.
I didn't make a single noise for almost 20 minutes
as I intently studied her swing technique.  Seems
to be just a whole lot of giggling involved here.
Zoe and I are great friends (even though I haven't
yet figured out how to tell her that).  From the
closeups below, you can see we're all smiles.
"Hey Dad, what are you doing over here?  Aren't
you supposed to be swinging Zobo around?  My
god man, you've got a job to do--get to it."
OK, hers might be battery operated but I'm pretty
sure I can take her with a good head-wind.  Heck
I can crawl faster than that souped up Barbie rig.
And as a follow up to my slide adventure, I got
to experience my first ever Duckie ride.  Why is
this crazy thing making me want to take a bath?
Here I am with my favorite person in the whole
world--Mom.  She does everything for me and
she even sings me Carpenters songs at night.
Jon Claude Von Damme I look good.  Seriously,
I have got to be one of the all-time stud babies in
South Orange County history.  Look out ladies!!
Here's another closeup shot of my cute, albeit
very serious, little mug.  I can't ride in this car
seat anymore but it makes a great chair at parks.
Well, that about wraps things up
for my first half year on earth.  
Not bad stuff.  Hopefully, in
another six months, I'll be ready
talk, walk...maybe even borrow
the car.  Stay tuned--it's just
starting to get fun around here.
Here I am with the family on
my 6 month birthday.  This is
actually my first ever trip down
a slide and hopefully the last
time I try to do this with two
other people.  We had a great
time at the park that day and
the weather was just
awesome--about 75 with a
slight breeze (my favorite).