HeyRyan.com Month 42
January 2006
One day Zoe and I got this wild idea that we should wash Dad's
car.  We put in a good solid 2-3 minutes, pretty much trashed
the old man's ride and called it a day.  Good times, my man.
My new favorite sport is bowling.  I especially
like to carry the bowling ball over to the lane
all by myself and roll that bad boy to pay dirt.
For Chinese New Year, we had a special Asian
party at my school.  I may be half Vietnamese
but it's hard to tell--I ate about 2 grains of rice.
I really love it when Dad and Mom come with me to school.  I
like to show them all of the cool things that I do at school.  Dad
says a get a little cocky--I think that means I act like a chicken.
Dad got a new camera this Christmas and he's been testing it
out on us kids.  Here I am just running around the house
making a goofy face.  Might want to adjust the flash, big guy.
Here I am fresh off a new haircut--you can see just a hint of the
crop top going on in the front there.  I used to hate getting my
haircut, but now I love it--they let me play Thomas videos there.
Quinlan's 2nd birthday included an appearance by the always
happy Jack O'Connor.  Have you ever seen such a non-Irish
looking "Jack O'Connor" in your life?  He's a crack-up.
Here I am with Zoe and Bum making finger-paint hand prints.  
This was moments before Crash Tobin re-confirmed his
nickname with yet another lip-splitting pratfall.  Poor fella.