HeyRyan.com Month 36
July 2005
This summer has been a blast so far.  I'm
starting to get used to the pool, so I even got
to go to Wild Rivers water park with Zoe!!
I like to stay topless when the ladies are nearby.  I think it's
only fair that I share my heaving pecs with the masses.  
"That's right, baby...I can bench my own weight in milk".
I'm still a little guy, so sometimes I get a little
chilly when I get out of the pool.  Here I am
wearing a lovely flowing green gown towel.
In between visits to the pool and beach, we still try to cycle in
the occasional park visit.  Here I am at FloJo Park, playing in
the only area I could find with train track-like qualities.
Birthday time!!!   This
year's festivities took
place at Adventure City
in lovely Stanton, CA.  
Joshie and I kicked off
the festivities by posing in
the birthday cart.
Shockingly, I asked for a train cake...and even more
shockingly, my wish was granted.  That little train could
actually move around the track on top of my cake.  Excellent.
Here I am staring at my cake, while everyone sings "Happy
Birthday".  Before anyone could get him, I pocketed the
mini-Thomas and then ate a big lump of that tasty icing. Yum.
The highlight of the party was when Uncle Sean stabbed
himself in the hand trying to cut open some toys that someone
had brought.  I won't show you the super gross picture of it.
But here's the proof, as Sean does that strange
devil face with his hand expertly wrapped in
masking tape.  Who needs a doctor anyway?
With a fire truck cruising around a track and me stuck in line,
this is exactly how I feel--a little prisoner just dying to bust
loose and work that truck to perfection.  Let me outta here!!!
I suppose if I ever become a fire fighter, this is pretty much
how I'll look.  Of course, it would be nice if the helmet didn't
outweigh me or randomly twist sideways, but I'm not picky.
Finally, it's go time.  Here I am with Josh, manning the
commands and barking out fire orders to Zoe in back.  I was
sure to giggle like a school girl every time we passed the folks.
And here's Jack taking Chanel and Chuck out for some quick
round of fire fighting and kim chi.  I'm not an expert but I
don't think that's a regulation fire fighting helmet.
Dad, Zoe and I took to the air on this ride.  You can see my
face du jour--the inexplicable "scrunchy face" look.  I had a
great time moving the lever up and down on this ride.
But alas, I can't be too overly distracted with those non-train
rides.  Here I am supervising the conductor as we cruise
around the perimeter of the park looking for stray cattle.
What the?!?!? I can't believe it--these kids just jumped onto
the train.  Just wait until Sir Topham Hat hears about this!
This look of shock and concern stayed on my face for about 30
seconds.  I just could not get over the hijacking I'd witnessed.
Here we are digging into some delicious muffins.  That's my
new friend "Donyald" (otherwise known as Daniel).  We have
a great time together--we're always laughing about something.
That next Monday, I got to have another
birthday part--this time at school.  Here I am
in class hanging out before the big celebration.
Aah, life on the tracks is
sweet--there's always
something new to see, you
meet lots of cool people
and then there's the
comfortable seating.  
Maybe someday I'll own
my own train.

Well, thanks for stopping