HeyRyan.com Month 30
January 2005
While Zoe had a birthday to attend, Dad took me out to Dave
& Busters for some fun.  I loved the snowmobile game.
I didn't quite get the whole skeeball thing but I still gave it a
good shot.  I just can't seem to get the ball to go far enough.
It was a little chilly at Laguna Beach that day, so I wore my
sweater and snuggled up with mommy on our beach blanket.
This month, I experience my very first jacuzzi.
Daddy carried me around the "hot pool".
Here I am with my good pal, Zoe at the Flo Jo
Park in Mission Viejo.  What a great day.
She's getting so tall, she really has to bend
down to get at my same level.  She's so cool.
I like it when Dad wants to hold my hand and
hang out together.  He really cracks me up.
Hey, look at me--I'm on daddy's shoulders
and yet I'm still not hitting the six foot mark.
I've spent the last year freaking out at haircut places, but
these guys had a tape player and a Thomas tape.  Jackpot!!
OK, now how darn cool am I?  Look out ladies, Big Boy is
back and he's coming to a park in your neighborhood.
Another visit to Laguna Beach.  Zoe and I had all sorts of cool
sand toys that Mom bought us.  I love playing with the sand.
I still don't like to go near the water much but I do like
walking along the beach looking for cool shells.
"I'm riding a sea turtle, Dad.  Hey why don't
you get on the duckie and we'll go hog wild."
I seem to be making some sort of very important point here,
but really I  just wanted to see myself in the flip screen.
She doesn't knows it but I have a crush on
Zoe's friend, Syd. This is after her ballet class.
Evenings at the Jacko house are never boring.  One night we all
took turns wearing the crazy fro wig.  What craziness.
Trips to the grocery store are always good for
a few laughs when Zoe & I do the driving.
Here I am staring at you
over a monstrosity called
"Chili Fries with
Everything" from The
Hat--dad's new favorite
pastrami joint.  I don't
touch the stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.  
I'll see you again soon.