HeyRyan.com Month 24
July 2004
July is one of my favorite months.  We play our
annual softball game, celebrate Daddy's birthday
and get see fireworks.  Here am on the 4th.
We went back to our old stomping grounds in Aliso Viejo (OK,
so it's about 2 miles away) for fireworks this year.  That me with
mom checking out a magical combination of fire and whimsy.
After watching mom get all butch with the desk
and all, I decided to re-balance the scales and
dress like mom.   High heels just crack me up.
This month, Zobo got a brand new desk.  I really like watching
things being put together, so I could hardly take my eyes of the
action. I even got to help mommy and use a screwdriver.
Here I am napping at school.  Little did I know it, but the old
man had shown up unexpectedly to join me for a birthday
celebration.  I really surprised when he woke me (aka grumpy).
For about 20 minutes, I alternated blank, confused stares
between my classmates, my teachers and dad.  After a while
even the kids didn't know what in the world was going on.
I kept staring and staring, all the while holding
my cupcake, not having had a bite.  Soon, I won
an award for "Strangest Birthday Boy Ever".
Three hot chicks in my class sang me a birthday tune.  Zero
impact.  So they ate their muffins, drank their milk, washed
their hands and left.  And I sat quietly, staring at my cupcake.
Here's the full-class view in what I've
now been told was the strangest, most
somber  birthday celebration ever
recorded in the state of California.  I
even got a special letter from The
Governator.  I'll try to pull it together
for my real birthday party coming up
(that's a tease to get you to go to next
month's pics).  Thanks for stopping by.

PS: By the way, I eventually ate my
birthday cupcake.