HeyRyan.com 2019
Former Santa Margarita Eagle Griffin Canning signing a ball at a credit union near our house.
My film club won a new iPad for a PSA video we entered in a national contest.
The film studio in action for a major video assignment for school.
A bunch of SM kids showed up at San Juan Cap for some pictures before our last Homecoming.
Me and my good friend Darrin before Homecoming.
And with this final snap, HeyRyan.com is wrap. Somehow it only seems fitting that it would end on
a shot of Ryan with a train and The Deuce. While the fine folks at Yahoo will be freezing this site in
a few short days, I will make every attempt to keep this bad boy up for as long as I can (no matter
how much Bigs begs me to take it down). He'll understand when he has kids some day. In the
meantime, enjoy the pics--there are quite a few gems in here--Ryan was always a kid who knew
how to have a good time. It's been a blast watching you grow up, Bigs. I love you, dude.