HeyRyan.com 2018
Having some tasty pasta with my big sis.
Why is my entire team not watching my epic passing?!
Playing St John's Bosco on our home court, complete with cheerleaders.
We saw two games--the first one on the road vs the Colorado Rockies.
Mom and dad joined me for a tour of UCLA. I think this is the spot, if I can get in.
Our guide did a really good job--walking backward around campus can't be easy.
This is what I'd look like in the fall of 2020. Looks about right.
Here's Didi at bat in the game. The Yankees are looking very good this year.
After the game, fans from all over the place waited for him to make a curtain call.
The is the rig Albert took off in after the starters were pulled. Never seen this guy sign.
The next day we arrived early on our multi-hour hunt for autographs.
Sitting on the bench icing down my jacked ankle during a game.
Conking out while dad shopped for groceries. I think it's a solid look.
I ate some easter candy from dad's office and ended up here. Ouch.
Mike Trout giving Alex some time after crushing two homers.
An amazing sunset forming over the Big A for a game.
Dad punked this Didi Gregorious porch-hopper in front of a young Yankee fan.
Awards night for basketball. Guess who made scholar-athlete again.
Me and Ryan having a great laugh at dad's expense. Good times.
Dad and me on hike in Laguna Canyon.
Yeah, you definitely don't wanna lose your balance around here.
Spring training stadiums are awesome but Tempe Diablo is near the top of the list.
I love it when the Angels season tickets arrive!!
Playing some stiff D vs Servite.
But I got back into the game after a few minutes.
Dropping a dime from downtown. Nothing but net.
We had some great seats for this one--here's Pujols trying to jack one out.
The best game Ohtani pitched during his rookie season. Crushed the A's.
We were able to come into the park for a practice session--a ball signing bonanza!
Dad and I made it out for spring training. Billy Eppler + his son.
That's Mike Trout walking away from us with the bat near his feet.
Mike Trout played a little catch with Eppler's son. Rough life, kid.
After giving up on autographs at the practice field, we made our way into Diablo.
Man, that bottom donut was not having a good time.
Stocking up on concert merch before Logic at Five Point.
Logic kicked off his show with some custom Rick and Morty footage.
Jacko Attacko hits 1k subs!!
Special "3000" grass-cutting at the Big A after Albert joined the 3000 hit club.
Honestly, it was really nice for the Angels to have fireworks for my birthday. Thanks!!
Another magically creative birthday cake from the parents.
Making our way through the gluttonous OC Fair on the way to see Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah is pretty good live--he tells longer stories instead of just jokes.
Being able to see epic UCLA hoops games all winter would be sick.
He put on a great show.
Another shot of Logic.
The Angels planned on fireworks for this game--even when moved to day game. Strange.
Sometimes you just gotta have a meatball sandwich.
Whenever we have a boys night at the Angels we double up with a post-game treat.
Gee I wonder who's birthday it was today!?!
The UCLA Bruin has some serious teeth.
Only UCLA has an explayer's number retired in every MLB stadium.
The outside of my Ohtani bobblehead doll.
Always good luck to give Gene Autry a shake for good luck.
This season we discovered the absolutely insane pretzels served in the Knothole Club.
We closed out the year with a tour of UC, San Diego.
Hey, if it was good enough for Dr Seuss, it's good enough for me.
The National Honor Society ceremony at Santa Margarita.
Group photo for the crew heading to the Homecoming Dance.
And here we are in front of our limo.
That's right--after a crash course from dad, I can now make ramen.
Cole, Lucas, me and Ryan displaying our hardware.
The proud parents. Seriously, don't get too dressed up, dad. It's only a church--it's fine.