HeyRyan Month 19
February 2004
This month's festivities kicked off
with a party for my Great Uncle
Dao, who turned 65 this month.  I
was a handful that night--maybe I'll
start my "terrible two's" a little
early.  Booyah!!
One weekend, Dad went to La Jolla to take a
photography class.  We got to meet him and stay
for the night.  Here we are playing Connect 4.
Of course, they should have called this game
"Make A Mess" for me.  I had a great time
spreading the parts all around our hotel room.
This replica New York City is made entirely of
legos--it's awesome to see in person.  It took a
few lego dudes a long time to make that town.
The next day, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel
and then made our way to Lego Land.  Here we
are taking a cool boat ride around the park.
"Mom, am I seeing this right?  Is that my big
sister out driving a real, live car?  How is that
possible?  Can I drive one too?  Pleeeeeeeeeease.
Zoe was big enough to drive her
own car on one of the rides.  I just
stood outside and stared in disbelief.
"Zoe, look out!!!  That driver next to you doesn't
look a day over 4--he's driving like a fool!!  Wait
a minute, that car's made of legos.  This is crazy."
My crazy sister didn't exactly stay within the
traffic lines, which made me even more nervous.  
Luckily, everything turned out fine.
After watching that fiasco, I demanded to find
the nearest car that little kids could hop into and
then pretended to drive for about half an hour.
To close out the day, I got to ride with Mom on
an airplane that went up and down and around.  
Zoe and I loved Lego Land.  We'll be back soon.
Here's a pretty shot of me with
my special mommy.  We're best
of buds.  She watches my back
and I watch hers.  I love her
more than anything in the world.

Well, come back to visit again
soon.  I'm getting really big and
starting to talk up a storm.  
Maybe dad will even start a
"Quote of the Month" section
for me soon.

Talk at ya later-