HeyRyan.com Month 18
January 2004
Hi everyone!! Here I am with Dad & Zoe at the
Starbucks by Zoe's school.  She gets to go there
once in a while for a treat before school.
I was happy to get to go with them (Mom usually
takes me into school).  But that didn't stop me
from making a mess of things.  Oops, my milk.
Dad got this Chargers hat at our Christmas Party
last month.  I like to put it on and watch
everyone bust out laughing.  I like being silly.
This month, I got a new cousin.  Here's Uncle
Mark with my diminutive little buddy, Quinn.  
He likes to sleep a lot, so hasn't had much to say.
We've been trying to figure out where to have
Zoe's party this year.  One place we thought
about was the Discovery Center.  I loved it.
Here I am watching little balls slide down this
really cool maze.  I'm starting to turn into quite
the curious boy, so this stuff just drives me wild.
It's almost time for Zoe's birthday
party, so I had to get my first haircut.
I was in a state of shock throughout.
The only thing that kept me in one
piece was this nifty flying plane they
dropped me in.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Well, that's about it folks.  
Come back next month and
you can see me with my
rugged new look.  The honeys
have been all over me at
school.  Take Care!