HeyRyan.com Month 157
August 2015
By popular demand, my 13th birthday was another Amazing Race.
The kids were all divided up into pairs for the competition.
Here is everyone putting on their color-coded team bandanas.
It was a little hot that day but we found this tree to meet at.
The orange team and the blue team prepare for a fight to the end.
The entire crew all gathered and smiling before the mayhem began.
Here I am at the skeeball check-in.  Not winning.
The yellow team trying to order their Subway sandwiches quickly.
Finally the party was over--time for all these fools to head home!
There was a really fun beach party this month.  I'm in red up front.
The obligatory freakish selfie that we've become so good at.
Libby and Mathew trying to complete a task.
After the competition, it was time for some sandwiches and chips.
Here are the rest of the kids eating and swapping war stories.
We took up an entire row for Fantastic Four.
Amy and Dylan checking in and far in front.
Only mom was brave enough to join me on this one.
With Zoe's summer winding down, we hit Knott's.
Something crazy happened
this month--I can now eat
regular pizza with cheese on
top. Allergies are strange.
Lay's specialty chips are pretty strange this year.  Biscuits was good.
The next day, the Tobin boys showed up with donuts and hats.
Dad is taking some time from the rat race, so we hit a day game.
Hey, now this is what I call a bubble, people.