Dad and I have been absolutely killing it at sports trivia at Chili's lately.
Mom made me a dairy-free birthday cake.  Yeah!!
For some reason, I have been making this face a lot this summer.
Another visit to the Go Kart track with "new" shoes.
The fam hooked me up with a new Specialized Mountain Bike for my 12th.
This thing is waaaaaaaaaaaay easier to ride than my last bike.
The saddest dude in baseball--the post-trade Cespedes.
Here I am with Dad to mark Pujols' 513th homer of his career. Month 145
August 2014
Getting ready for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
To celebrate the end of summer we had a pool party.
Checking out my tasty treat
being prepared at Sub Zero Ice
Cream in Laguna Niguel.
The old man can't get enough of the warm water we have this summer.
Heading back down to The Strands for some surf, sand and sunshine.