HeyRyan.com Month 133
August 2013
St. Mary's next month.  Ladies dig a guy in uniform.
I attended UCI basketball camp and had a blast.  I love playing hoops.
That's me in the back to the left with my new sporty haircut.
My pal Camryn also had her birthday this month.
As long as I can't reach the ground, I can party here!
Nothing beats that moment when you don the crown.
This summer was our last with famed Irvine Meadows.  We'll miss you!!
Speaking of sweaty freaks making faces, Jack looks like he's pooping.
Then things all close out with a bunch of sweaty freaks making faces.
This guy started up an
epic game of dodgeball.  
It was a lot of fun.
Zoe and Syd thought they might be able to do some snorkeling that day.
Zoe's cronies are my cronies, so why not let them in on the action?!
Then they do their cheesy pep talk about not beating each other up.
My buddy Jack and me...right before he tried to hit me with this ball.
Time for my birthday!!  This year we hit an oldie but goodie--Scooter's.
The first step is to hit the pre-party room and work some foosball magic.
Hey, don't I look studly in Zoe's cool new glasses?
Hanging with my
cousins Quinlan
and Brennan at
Soak City.