HeyRyan.com Month 120
July 2012
Here I am with my favorite mom, favorite sis and a rat.
Universal Studios with the McGoughs was a lot of fun.
Big Jered Weaver warming up before a big game.
My classic "taking the train to Anaheim" pose.
I think this is the part where I did some choice break dancing moves.
One week, Mom signed us up for an acting class.  Yes, a guitar solo.
Later in the game, we meandered down to the front row to watch Greinke.
All this little league play has turned me into a pretty astute baseball fan.
One day, Dad and I had brunch in the diamond club and great seats.
This is the year that I went bananas for the Angels.  By far my fave team.
My tenth birthday party crew at the Angels game.
No, I didn't take this shot.  Just a great Trout catch.