HeyRyan.com Month 12
July 2003
Hey, I'm a big one year old!!  
That means it's party time.  
Sure, we still have the usual
summertime shots (that's me
stylin' and profilin' at another
Angels game) but most of the
next two months are dedicated
to my multiple birthday gigs.
Let's get this party started...
OK, before we launch into my birthday coverage,
I thought I'd make my Italian relatives proud with
some pics of my first-ever spaghetti fest.
I've always liked noodles, but this was the first
time mom ever rolled out the real stuff--fresh
from Maggiano's.  I even had some meatballs.
Now onto my birthday.  Here I am getting ready
to toss some eggs and pancakes onto the floor at
our local favorite, The Pancake House.
Then it was off to California Adventure and
Disneyland.  The Mickey ears lasted on my head
for about 17 seconds, never to be worn again.
My cousin Jeremy had a great time at California
Adventure because he's really into extreme sports.
Here I am chilling, while rides his skateboard.
Dad wants everyone to know that I'm really hard
to photograph for some reason and that this is one
of the few shots that actually captures me well.
Speaking of capturing well--here are two shots
that pretty much nail my sister to a tee.  First off
she's dressed in some over-done princess dress.
Toss in the mandatory hairband, arms at her hips,
disappointed glare--yep, that's pretty much what I
get to see every day.  Zobo you rock, babe.
It was pretty darn hot while we were at California
Adventure but for most of the day I looked sweet
and content like in the lovely shot above.
But after  a few hours, I let mom and dad know
that it was time for us to move on to Disneyland
for some air-conditioned Tiki Room action.
At Disneyland, I got to do all sorts of crazy
stuff.  Here I am goofing off on a pretend car
outside of Mr Toad's Wild Ride.
I'm obessed with any type of machine I can get
my hands on, and this one was no exception.  
Notice the Jacobin-esque tongue extension.  Nice.
I'm very good at pointing now--especially when I
spot a bird taking off.  That's my Grandma
Cookie waiting in line for the Carousel with Zoe.
With the rest of the crew on something like the
Dumbo Ride, I decided to bust out and take a
little stroll around Disneyland.
I would walk a little, then take a break, walk some
more and then take another break.  Fortunately
nobody stepped on me during one of my sit-ins.
As you can tell, I look left and then right to
make sure the coast is clear for me to go chase
birds again.  Looks good, let's get going again.
Hmmm, that looks like a penny or a cheez-it.  
Works for me, I better go take a stroll over there
and get whatever it is into my mouth quick.
Wait a minute, was that a bird?  Dad did you see
that?  I love birds and I'll chase them around as
long as I can keep track of them.
Here I am attempting to reach through the fence
for somebody's discarded gum.  This won't be the
first time I snag gum chewed before I was born.
OK, I think it's time for another rest. All this bird
chasing, cheez-it scouting and gum chewing has
beat to a pulp.  Dad, pick me up.
Well, it's official--I'm finally
one.  Tomorrow is my big
birthday party, so come
back next month for all the
festivities.  Take care.
-Big Boy