HeyRyan.com Month 108
July 2011
I am so into the Angels now--I
know all the players, have
their stats memorized and
actually watch the game
without playing with my iPod
Touch for stretches well into
the dozens of minutes.  I'm
officially hooked--nice work,
dad.  And go Halos!!
This month, I turned nine.  Mom actually made this cool cake herself!
Zoe's friend Shayla calls me Handy Manny.
Here I am hanging out at the bowling alley before the start of the party.
Apparently Ava is not a huge bowling junkie.
Jacobin & Kahr being total idiots--the apples don't fall far from the trees.
Future Angel, Cade Chavis & my boys enjoying some pizza and soda.
Everyone was cracking up over the awesome bowling cake mom made me.
This year I wished for a new sister. Just kidding folks--just a Jacko joke.
Looks like I just rocked another perfect strike.  I sooooo rule at bowling.
As are these two old guys that my dad knows from Colopalooza.
Caitlin and Cade are always "playin' the fools" when we get together.
Finally it was time to do some bowling--let the gutter balls begin!!
Here's the boy's lane--I bowled an awesome round and tore them up.
I use a unique fore/middle finger approach that ensure no control at all.
My best bud Colin decided to lose his front tooth for my party.  So nice.
Hayley getting her shoes changed out, while the action keeps rolling.