digital poppie
the world's only website dedicated to one really cool dude, leo "poppie" jacobin
this is poppie and me in denver during the late 60's and early 70's...poppie is the one on
the right...most of our shots together look just about like this...with our arms around
eachother...i can't decide which of us has the spiffier outfits...but i'm guessing mine
were more comfortable...
the center of poppie's life
takes the center of this gramma
crissy...she still lives on
the same street in this
photo...and she actually
looks just about the same
too (that poppie had good
taste!)...the keys to her
longevity are
simple...first, she shakes
her hands to keep the blood
flowing and second...she's
full of a lot of bps...
poppie served in the pacific during world war II...his boat withstood a deadly typhoon en route to
provide cover for General MacArthur...his was the only boat to abandon their orders to pull
capsized sailors out of the water...poppie's expert shooting skills earned him the task of picking
off sharks in the water that were circling the men...they saved dozens of men who would have
certainly died...he even sewed the victory flag that he's helping to hold up on the right...i
first saw that flag during one of his navy could still smell the saltwater...the
shot on the left was taken the day the boys returned to the states after the war...they stopped in
a bar called "the derby" in san francisco to celebrate their last day's a bank
today...poppie's buddies in the photo are actually named "doc" and "champ"...
poppie had his own sporting goods store...which gave him plenty of time to chat fishing
with his buddies...he could usually catch double what anyone else could...sometimes
triple...poppie helped me reel in my first fish there on the right...he took me to a trout
farm where you pay by the fish...i liked it so much that i refused to was the
first and last time i out-fished him...
so was this taken 10...20...30 years ago?...or just this
morning? be the judge...poppie is gone but he'll never be
forgotten...zoe and ryan say "hi"...we miss you poppie...
digital poppie
poppie's war efforts
recently made the news
when the story of his
boat's heroics were
featured on the history was aired
about the same time that
crissy was able to track
down the victory flag
that poppie had sewn...i
really wanted that
flag...i have it now and
it will stay in the
family until 2145...then
it will be given to the
smithsonian on its 200
year anniversary...i
wonder if it will still
smell like saltwater...
thank you for visiting