Main Events
The Late 80's
NYC trip for the '86 World Series.
"Web" had lots of connections.
Dean and Jim Leferdo "hanging loose".  Sooooo cool.
Anhdai & Mama Kwee at '86 high school graduation.
Craig's Junior year roommate, Brad Weber.
Skipping class for afternoon beers, no doubt.
Chris Clemens, Carrie Davis and Craig at graduation.
Anhdai hanging with her homies on Catalina Island.
Spellbound at the Cards game--lots of empty cups.
Former Cards broadcaster, Harry Carey would sing for the last Cubs-Cards
game in St. Louis every year.  In 1989, Craig was sitting right below him.
Ready for anything, as we trudge the jungles of Mexico.
Web, during one of our many trips
to Cozumel while at Continental.
Hanging out with Simone & Dana at our frat parties.
Web & Craig, belting out some lame fraternity song.
The infamous Mexican Fiesta Party.
Time for another round, kids.
A monthly tradition--the Sigma Chi "Full-Moon" Club.
Anhthy and Anhdai on a family trip to San Francisco.
Anhdai and her wild sorority pals at UC Irvine.
Anhdai at some sort of Greek graffiti party.
Craig tears up the slopes of Breckenridge during a trip
home to Colorado, while living in St. Louis.
Anhdai digging a little AVP Pro Beach Volleyball.
Anhdai's sorority mug shot.
Craig trying to scalp Cardinals tickets.
Hands off the merchandise,
ladies!!  One of Craig's
favorite memories--blasting
Jimmy as he and Brad
scooter their way through
The Cozumel jungle, while
all their friends in Boulder are
freezing their asses off.