Main Events
Flip poses outside the Rose Bowl for 94 World Cup.
The US shocks Columbia 2-1.  God it was hot that day.
Gramma & Poppie arrive at Craig & Anhdai's wedding.
Mom & Dad looking quite dapper for the days festivities.
It was one of those perfect Laguna Beach days.
The wedding party in all it's glory.
The Phan family gets together for pictures.
The happy couple poses for a few post-wedding pics.
Anhdai and Craig arrive for the reception.
The photographer gets in on the action.
Gramma & Poppie were the first to hit The floor.
It was tempting but Craig didn't rub any icing on her face.
Pretty shot of
the lovebirds
on the beach.
Anhdai feeling good in Rome during the
first day of our honeymoon.
Inside the Coliseum where the lions used to stay.
The view of the Arno from our hotel in Florence.
Saint Mark's square in Venice--lots of pigeons.
Firing up a pretzel in Munich before the long trip back home.
Anhdai and Craig at their Vietnamese engagement party.
Anhdai and her Canon buddies at Chanel's wedding shower.
Chris Clemens sucks in a cool ocean breeze during the first leg
of Craig's bachelor party--a deep sea fishing excursion.
Leave it to Al McGough to somehow manage to catch a friggin
goose while we're all deep sea fishing.
Anhdai's wedding shower
at her mom's house.