Main Events
The 1992 Rose Bowl with Washington beating
Michigan and finishing #1 in The country.
This game included future pros Desmond
Howard, Mark Brunnel and Corey Dillon.
Taking a break in Tahoe.
The Flipsta, back when she lived for her bangs.
Anhdai tears up the slopes at Heavenly Valley.
Lake Tahoe in the background.
Oh look, Craig's wearing Sean's favorite shirt.
This is actually a different trip to Breckenridge.
Back when the ladies went to Chargers games.
Man it was hot in those East stands in September.
Bit Al musters all his breath on his 30th BDay.
Anhdai, Ann and Terri cut Al's birthday cake.
One of the
hundreds of
shots I have of
Gary trying
really hard to
not look normal.
Clem and Carrie on the left and the Osse gang on
the right up in a Boulder bar watching the Buffs
play Alabama in The Blockbuster Bowl.
Gigantic Pizza place we use to hit after games.
Actually, it really wasn't all that good--just funny.