Main Events
The year got off to a solid start with a trip to Denver for the NFL playoffs.
Klebes came along to ski in blizzard and don the orange.
The first game saw the Steelers facing the Peyton Manning-Led Broncos.
The boys looked solid and put away the Steelers to reach the AFC Title Game.
The next week, Craig made the titanic error of not flying in the for the win.
Peyton had a decent game but it was enough to get him back to the bowl.
The skyline reflected in the bean on a very chilly night in the Windy City.
Von Miller was a beast in the game and was an easy choice to win the MVP.
And John got to finally return the favor, announcing "This one's for Pat!"
Craig took the Jr Jackos to No Cal for a college tour and some fun. See more.
Then it was off to Maui for a week and a half in the water and sun. See more.
Copa America came to the Rose Bowl, as did the human sasquatch behind us.
The little guys don't like soccer much but Craig & Sean enjoyed the beers.
After returning from Maui, Craig & Ryan hit San Diego for the All-Star Game.
A night of tasty barbecue and cocktails with the gang at Boss Kat in Irvine.
Lunar New Year happened at Uncle Dao's house again. Here's part of the family.
Flip came to just in time for us to go to the McVus to see Denver win it all.
On Super Bowl Sunday, Flip ran her first half marathon and then nearly died.
The final performance of the PSO at Irvine Meadows.
More fireworks in Denver for
the season-opening rematch of
Denver and Carolina. The good
guys won again. See more
from Craig's trip to Denver.
Craig & Ryan went to see USC vs Colorado in October.
The Goodyear Blimp flying high above the Coliseum.
Buffett that weekend was our final visit to Irvine Meadows.
For once we had pretty good seats and it was a great show.
A fitting end to the Chargers' time in San Diego. Stay classy!
Craig hanging out in Laguna for Kevin Keber's birthday party
A toast to Jacko was in order after his team's 3rd title.
Craig took a business trip to one of his faves--Chicago.
Only the Chargers organization could figure out how to criss-cross the flag.
Chargers and Lions squaring off in the Bolts' final season in San Diego.
Tommy Trojan ready for battle. Why did those guys always fight in the nude?
The Broncos dressed as orange creamsickles face the all blue Chargers.
The Cubbies final did it and broke the curse of the billy goat as 2016 champs.
The happy couple enjoying their final weekend before Trump ate America.
The Halos' season ended when the eventual champs swept the opening series.
The final Irvine Meadows Weenie Roast where the Chili Peppers didn't play.
The Buffs had USC on the ropes until JJ Smith-Schuster caught a long pass.
Just a few short days later America was turned upside down by an asshole.
The family made its way back to Denver for Thanksgiving. See more pics.
Overhead look at the annual Phan family Christmas bash flat out going off.
We had fins to the left and fins to the right, we were the only bait in town!
At Coachella for only time Dylan & The Stones played together. See more.
At the Pacific Symphony at Irvine Meadows a car drove into crowd. Near miss.
With Zoe and Ryan on different spring breaks, the boys hit Hawaii. See more.
The gang for CU vs UW in the Pac-12 Title Game. It was less fun after that.