Events 2012
Bigs & Smalls In Chicago
We arrived in Chicago and immediately went to Harry Caray's.
Then we hit the local Best Buy in search of Skylanders Toys.
The next day we hit the city...after stopping by Best Buy...again.
Then it was off to go above the clouds in the mighty Hancock Tower.
The view from up there was totally awesome on a foggy day.
And then I accidentally fell.  Here I am screaming on the way down.
Dad dragged me to one
of the art museums,
but I didn't fall for it.  
He took a couple of cool
pics of me and then it
was back to Best Buy!!
Another great shot of the little man with his long hair at Gino's East.
Food can be a bit tricky with Ryan, but he loved the deep dish pizza.
Wrigley doesn't look like a stadium from the outside.
There's lots of action outside before you even get inside.
Then it was off to Wrigley Field, so dad could fulfill his promise to me.
Tossing the ball around at Lake Shore park, near Lake Michigan.
The infamous Steve Bartman seat.  Poor guy just wanted a souvineer.
Chilling in left field before the game, right before I got a ball!!
The Dodgers beat the Cubbies.  Figures.
We had epic seats from right behind the plate.  Cold day at Wrigley.
That's Bigsy testing the dynamics of the restaurant business.
One test that we
didn't need the
museum to confirm.  
And on that note, it's
time to go home!
On our last day we were able to squeeze in Museum of Science.