Events 2011: Maui Trip
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The first moments of our trip are always full of music and laughter.
On our way to shave ice we found BBQ pork.
An awesome little cove that we found near turtle town in Makena.
We arrived early enough to
spend the afternoon at the
beach near the Makena Surf
Club.  Bigsy  spent most of
his time doing the long jump.
Not to be distracted, we had our sammies and hit Ululani's Shave Ice.
Behold the glory of banana, coconut with mac nut ice cream below.
Brunch at the hotel meant it was time to feed the hungry koi.
Dad was alone in the water with one of these tiger rays.  Crazy.
Zoe and Bigs in the condo with Al sliding into the scene on television.
Down to the pool for an afternoon of swimming and bbq'd burgers.
OK, it's official, I don't
think we're ever going
to sell this place.
What better way to cap off a
great 4th of July than with a
delicious Lappert's treat?
"Hey look Dad, I'm a butt-head!"  As if we didn't already know.
Another trip to Makena on the 4th of July for primo snorkeling.
After years of passing it by, we finally had dogs at Bubba's. Strong.
Back to our pool for an evening of chilling and fireworks.
Nothing like having a native row team pass by your bbq party.
The kids had an absolute blast swimming in the pool at night.
You can tell from Hayley's that it's time to break out fireworks.
All sorts of fireworks lit up the entire beach for about an hour.  
Today we hit Napili Beach, which is one of the prettiest on the island.
Headlined by the extremely low-calorie favorite, the Lava Flow.
Time to wrap up and get ready to order delicious room service.
This might be the highlight meal of the trip for bigs--he loves this.
Two studs, hanging
out and acting cool.
Images of the pool early in the morning make me feel very calm.
Knowing you have a day of sun-splashed pool & beach time rocks.
And trips to Lappert's for ice cream were extremely common too.
We hit the Kihei Café again this year where Zoe ate a rice patty.
The ancient winding trail that goes halfway around the island.
The water is so calm, your boogie board turns into a heckuva raft.
Here's a guy hanging out with his dog on the end of his surfboard.
Aah, Greenie.  Or son of Greenie.  Our great grandson of Greenie.
Our trip to Sensei Sushi was marked by a pina colada bottle that fell.
Day six ushered in our annual pilgrimage to beautiful La Peruse Bay.  
The coves and pockets of lava rock formations are just amazing.
A really pretty shot of Zoe on the edge of a lava field and the ocean.
The waves are pretty strong and make for some really great shots.
It's not a trip to Maui without a PWF boat cruise to find sea life.
One of top secret secluded beach spots on the island.  Hard to get to.
This year, Bigs did pretty well on our long hike.  He actually had fun.
Bigs looking out toward the ocean to see if he can find Japan.
We saw this bird about 2 miles in and still can't figure out what he is.
Our nice little family in a self-portrait taken at the far end of the bay.
A bit further back toward the condo we snorkeled at Ahihi Cove.
The fish in Ahihi were enormous and tended to be in large schools.
This cruise took us out to hunt for dolphins and snorkel Lanai.
The mountains along the edge of Lanai are really dramatic.
And the spinner dolphins you find there are a blast to watch play.
The Jackos, all dressed up in their wet suits, ready to snorkel.
Bigs, trying to sneak in a few final video games before diving in.
Fresh juice from picking a bunch of fruit from the condo property.
With another hour to kill, the kids made Hawaiian necklaces.
Then it all comes
full-circle with a final
treat from Ululani's
Shave Ice near the
airport.  It hurts to
even look at this shot.
Until next year...
Zoe barrels down the slide on her way to Craig's expensive camera.
The sunsets from the condo pool are just amazing to watch.
Fresh off a shower, Zobo with a pretty flower in her hair.
The next day, Craig & Zoe hooked up with Al & Hailey for the day.
Another cool shot of the scenery along La Peruse Bay.
The post beach treat of shave ice at the Jawz Truck in Big Beach.
Zoe & Hayley before diving in for a great snorkeling run in Makena
That afternoon was full of goofy hijinx back at our windy pool.
And then we took the show over to the Marriott for water slides.
A trip to Maui isn't right without seeing the North Shore crazies.
And let's just say he won't make that mistake again any time soon.
Another trip to Sensei--our favorite restaurant on earth.  So good!!
People in Kihei gather on the beach to watch the sunset each night.
OK, enough with a little fruit hunting--it's time to get very serious.
Bigs & Anhdai took lots of pics to prove their fruit finds to Big Al.
That morning, we had a spectacular breakfast at Longhi's.
Bigs is certain that the Fritos in Maui are simply better than ours.
Standing in the line of the flight path near the Maui airport.
Bigs and Craig threw the ball most days.
Bigs on his first-ever real snorkeling trip.
The final morning is Kea Lani brunch day!!
A beautiful sunset with a crescent moon.
The pizza was just as tasty as this looks--crispy and full of flavor.
Then we stopped by
Anthony's for some
espresso.  Right outside
the store, we ran into the
town nut who screamed in
Craig's face to the horror
of his nut-avoiding kiddies.
After a long night of painting, Craig was surprised for his birthday.
Then we checked into a room at the swanky Fairmont Kea Lani.
Later in the afternoon, Craig & Anhdai hit the bar for some treats.
We like to park ourselves in front of the waterfall by the slide.
And then the kids embark on a non-stop stream of sliding action.
But with a big swell moving in, it was sadly a no go for a few days.
With the trip winding down, Craig hit Makena for more snorkeling.
Instead, it was back to the beach by our condo for some big surf.
When the locals show up to boogie board, you know you're in trouble.
That afternoon, we hit Paia to try a pizza place we'd heard about.
Craig finally catches a smaller wave after several failed attempts.
And still managed to lose one of his fins in the process.  Youch.
There are all sorts of crazy shops along the way to Hana.
Once we got to town, Craig & Zoe hiked down to one of the beaches.
To change things up for the next day we traveled to Hana.
Once you get into the jungle, the scenery really gets dense.
That night we had dinner at
Joe's and bid farewell to the
McGoughs who were
heading back in the
There we saw beautiful scenery and a guy with a stomach flap.
Jacko & Zobo--forever besties, pose together on the Hana Beach.
Then immediately heads to Café Ciao for peanut butter mochas.
Bigsy floating around in the pool from his green lounge raft.
Our only full day at the Kea Lani starts with a view of the grounds.
The Flipsta comes back to our spot with some ice cold water.