Main Events
The next week, Anhdai and Craig
went back to Denver to see The AFC
Title Game.  Here's The Flipsta with
our good friend Dave before The
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The year started off with a bang when USC met Texas in The
National Title game, until Reggie Bush fumbled The game away.
Always The contrarian, Sean claims Texas as his team with  his
"hook em" sign (gag).  The rest of The Fox Bar was for SC.
A couple weeks later, Craig was in Denver to see The Broncos
snap New England's 10 game playoff streak under Brady.
After giving The game away with a Champ interception/TD,
Brady was bummed leaving The field.  Nice hoodie, Belicheat.
During one of Craig's many trips to CHI in 06, he took in a
Cubs-Reds game and snagged a Ken Griffey Jr BP Homer.
The view from behind The stands at Wrigley reveals The one and
only Murphy's Bleachers--the best place to get a cold Old Style.
Shockingly, he was able to find himself close to home plate
one night for a Yanks-Sox game with Andy DeLo.
Another trip for Craig brought him to NYC for
a promo conference.  Cool view of The city.
Craig took in a Cards game while in St. Louis for a client's
funeral--he was The biggest baseball fan Craig's ever met.
Sean and Anhdai get fired up for this years Buffett concert by
playing a wicked game of...Scrabble?!?! OK, we're officially old.
Here's Craig at a NASCAR race in Vegas.  He brought his dad
there to give him some gambling lessons and catch a race.
Davey O with one of his heroes, The Hud Man at an Angles 5k.  
Hud was pumped to hear that Dave had named his dog after him.
As if one NASCAR race per lifetime wasn't enough, Craig
subjected The boys to 130 degrees of sheer torture in Fontana.
Despite The heat, Sean still managed to have a good time.  
Milo was so-so. The rest of The fools have seen their last race.
OK, perhaps Craig spent a tad too much on sporting event
tickets this year.  Here he is storming The CU field with Dean.
And later that weekend, watching The Broncos mutilate The
hapless Oakland Raiders.  Please never ever die, Al Davis
Since he just wasn't quite getting his fill of sporting action
this year, Craig went with Chuck to catch USC vs Notre Dame.
Although The tailgating locales are sketchy, The pre-grame
traditions at SC are way better than UCLA (school for tranies).
Chuck loves walking up to people with odd hair, tats,
deformities, etc. and having me take pic of him with them.
Despite what was supposed to be a promising ND team, USC
laid The wood to The Irish yet again (also a school for tranies).
Since it was pretty much
a sports-themed year of
festivities, we might as
well close things out with
this delightful picture of
Craig with Collin
Cowherd of ESPN. Later.