colopalooza 2007: vail
"rocky mountain blunder"
day one
day two
day three
day four
day five
OK, let's just get this out of the friggin' way
early.  Yes, Al again fell asleep during
Colopalooza at a point when the rest of us
were happily wide awake.  And yes, it was
brought on by a call home.  And yes, he tried to
deny having fallen asleep in the first place.  
The only difference with this latest chapter...he
fell asleep a grand total of one hour into our
trip. Ok...
And no trip up I-70 into the Rockies would be complete
without a massive pie from Beau Jo's.
It's been a while since we've tasted the
golden nectar of Colorado.
Craig was pretty pumped up to start the
day but he didn't catch squat.
The next day arrived and it was time for a little
hard-core fly fishing for Clem and Al.
We scurried into two boats and did our best to reel in
a few browns along the Colorado River.
There's something cool about having a train from LA
roll by when you're in the middle of nowhere.
The local veteran did the best that day--here's Chris
netting a pretty solid Brown Trout.
And here he is holding on to the beast as proof that we
didn't just buy a stunt trout at Safeway.
Vail is loaded with great restaurants. Here we are
firing up some steaks from Russell's.
Dean enjoying the subtle fruitiness and oak-like aroma
of his finely-crafted Oregon Pinot Noir.
Because it was on the brink of being off-season, we
were able to stay The Lodge in downtown Vail.
Here's Al, outside of Blu's a smoking breakfast place
that had lots of stuff with green chili.
After breakfast, we drove out to one of Vail's many
outstanding golf courses for some action.
The course had lots of killer drop-offs and local wildlife
(and I'm not just talking about Milo).
Lucky for us, the Vail Oktoberfest took place while we
were in town.  It was small but cool.
Al snuggles up to a bronzed replica of Al, as he calls
home before falling asleep in public.
A quick drive back to Denver and it was
time to check out Red Rocks.
The boys take a breather after scaling 5000 steps to
the top of the world's greatest venue.
We got to check out the first half of the Monolith Festival
and a bunch of rising bands.
They had stages at the bottom, top and underneath all
the rocks.  Pretty sweet place.
Here's the action on the main stage.  The show lasted
all day long--but we had to go early.
The rocks jet our from both sides and form a natural
"surround sound" that is unbelievable.
After tearing ourselves away from Red Rocks, we
squeezed our way into Folsom to see the Buffs.
We were one week too early as the Buffs lost to Florida
St. (but knocked off #4 OU a week later).
The Paloozian tolerance was beginning to fade as Dean
swore up and down that he only wanted water.
Sean and Dean spending some quality time with
Thunder--the Broncos mascot before the game.
It's not as loud as the old Mile High
but Invesco is one cool stadium.  
Comfortable seats, great TV's, minimal
lines, lots of bathrooms.  After a
lightening storm that stopped the
game, the Broncos nailed down
another win over the pathetic Raiders.

That's it, kids--see you in NYC!!