Colopalooza 2005: Boston
"Let's Git R Done!!"
The 10th chapter the Paloozian saga was also it's furthest reaching, as the boys made their way to the unsuspecting
city of Boston.  There, they gorged themselves on a steady diet of Irish beer, American chowder, German sausage
and Italian desserts.  And in between feastings, they managed to catch a few sporting events.  Enjoy this year's pics.
Donning the look of an insane lumberjack to ward off any
would-be hazers, Gary awaits his first Paloozian experience.
And this is the look Milo gave him when it was suggested that
Gary might not get any of the typical Palooza hazing.
Our first official Palooza beers were had at
"Cuffs", below our hotel, which was housed in
the former Boston Police Department.
Aaaaah, our first bowl of chowda.  This one was
slurped down at the Union Oyster House--the
oldest continuously-running restaurant in the US.
Craig reacts in shock over the suggestion that the bar didn't
serve Hurricanes. "Darn, I was really looking forward to
seeing Milo's 'chowda' tomorrow during our graveyard tour."
After dinner, we ventured off to The Black Rose for a round of
beers and to catch the end of the Sox game.  The Guinness on
tap was quite solid but Milo's first margarita was a little bit off.
With Milo's insatiable need for a good margarita driving us,
we headed off to the Cactus Cafe, which as you might suspect,
featured a lifesized, stuffed Buffalo over the main bar.
There, Milo busted into some Patron Cadillac
margs (which will officially go on record as the
worst margs I have EVER had in my life).
Our best day of the trip got off to a greasy start at Pizzeria
Regina, the reigning champion of classic Boston pizza.
As you can see, their pizza was spectacular--good solid crust,
just the right mix of toppings and that cool orange grease.
The Paloozians stare aimlessly, pondering their existence and
wondering if they're going to get another Palooza bill after this.
After pizza, we cruised into the main area of the
"North End", the best Italian neighborhood in
the country, in search of capps and cannolis.
Cannolis are the thing to get in the North
End.  They come in all different flavors with
all different toppings and quite a sugar rush.
We made our way to the Modern Bakery and at the time, we
thought is was a great little Italian bakery.  This was before
we discovered the world's greatest bakery just down the street.
One of Boston's many revolutionary war figures was Paul
Revere.  Here he is leaning over trying to steal my cannoli.
Behind his statue lies the Old North Church (you know, the
"One if by land, two if by sea" church).  Revere put too lamps
on in the steeple, crawled out a window and the rest is history.
Here's a closer shot of the Old North Church,
which is in better condition than some of the
Paloozian hotels we used to stay at.
Boston has a lot of "oldest in America" type
stuff, including the oldest continuously running
clock in the US shown here inside the church.
After checking out the church, we wandered up to an old
Puritan graveyard.  It's hard to believe but these pilgrim  
headstones have been sitting here for over 300 years.
Just about every headstone featured this freaky skull/wings
combo.  I guess the Puritans believed that they needed this to
ensure their dead soul's flight up to heaven.  Nice touch.
Finally, we were off to Fenway for the
Sox-Yanks game.  Along the way, I snapped
this rare Palooza shot of myself in action.
This sign greeted us on the way out from the
train to Fenway Park.  In a few hours, we would
be inside watching the champion Red Sox.
Got Guinness?  Here's Craig taking a moment
to ponder his first pint of Guinness from the
world-famous Cask 'n Flagon behind Fenway.
That's honorary Paloozian, Ryan Mathison.  He joined us for the
Sox game and to put the fear of god into us regarding those
"crazy Sox fans" who were going to tear us from limb to limb.
OK, enough with the view, time for some
Italian Hots and a round of cold barley pops.
Craig and Sean went in early to check out their seats on top of
the fabled Green Monster.  The view was absolutely spectacular.
The view from behind our seats, with the ever-present Cask 'n
Flagon sign pointing us in the direction of pending post-game
refreshments.  Monster seats are easily the coolest in all of sports.
By getting onto the Monster early, we were able
to try to shag balls during Yankees bp.  An
A-Rod homer missed Craig's head by a foot.
Before the game, Craig spotted Wade Boggs
making his way out to throw the first pitch.  He
shook Sean's hand (wearing a NY title ring).
A couple of our many new Monster friends.
The one in blue was the female incarnation of
Sox diehard, Jimmy Fallon in "Fever Pitch".
A cool shot of Seanie standing at our standing
room only "seats" with his ever-present cell
phone and a blimp hovering above his head.
The rest of the Paloozians decided to save about $160 clams by
sitting in right field (see the "x" under the Budweiser patio).  
Milo described it as being crazier than most football games.
It was a game full of hall of famers.  And this shot doesn't even include Alex Rodriguez, who was standing to the right.
Once the Sox finished off the Yanks to pull into a tie with just
two to play, the locals poured out onto the streets and into the
many bars around Fenway.  The Cask 'n Flagon is on the right.
Half the crowd stays a full 15 minutes after the game ends to
watch the manual scoreboard operator move the Sox up in the
standings after a win.  These fans are really into this team.
Day three began with our journey to the campus of Harvard.
We took turns touching the statue of John Harvard, a tradition
known to bring you a burst of knowledge.  It didn't work at all.
A trip to Harvard wouldn't be complete without spotting a
rowing crew working their way up the Charles.  It took a lot of
coordination to make that happen at the moment we passed by.
And thus began what will forever be
known as the Boston Marathon--a 26
mile death walk through the mean
streets of Boston in quest of a few
simple pints outside Fenway.  We could
have hopped in a cab and been there in
7 minutes (Craig's hair-brained
idea)...but noooooooooo, we Paloozians
are often conned into walking obscene
distances.  So we walked and walked
and walked.  And then we walked some
more.  And about 67 minutes later, we
arrived exhausted and sweaty.  I'm still
sore to this day.
After checking out the campus, it was time for
some football.  And I think you know what
that means--sausage wouldn't be far behind.
Although it was very cool to see once, I think I can safely say
that I've probably attended my final Ivy League football game.  
As you can see, the stands were just packed beyond belief.
After watching Lehigh take the halftime lead over Harvard, the
show during the break was almost Sloshball-esque in it's
strangeness.  Scratch that--Sloshball smoked this halftime show.
I think this was the exact point where Sean realized that we
weren't at Fenway anymore.  Solution?  Go back to Fenway.
So once the halftime debacle was complete, we were off again.
This is the view outside Fenway, right behind home
plate--that's the green press box up on the left above the brick
facade.  And down a bit lower are their championship banners.
Cask 'n Flagon is great for the history but the coolest bar we
went to near Fenway was Boston Beer Works.  It's pretty
modern, and had about 20 micro brews to choose from.
Later that evening, we went to an Italian place that Sean had
been to on a business trip.  The evening was highlighted by our
trip to Mike's Pastry and the cannoli hijinx that would ensue.
Mike's draws literally thousands of cannoli fans on a warm
Saturday night.  They quickly pack boxes with these treats
and then pull string from these golden spools to tie them off.
Our last full day in Boston got rolling with a train ride out to
Foxboro to see the Bolts take on the Pats.  Be sure to make a
mental note of this scene featuring the energetic Al McGough.
Gillette Stadium is quite literally in the middle of nowhere. It's
a full hour out of Boston by train and when you get there, it's
as if it's in the middle of a massive wasteland.  Very strange.
A familiar scene, Milo and Craig posing in the stands at yet
another NFL stadium.  You'll notice the vast wasteland of
nothingness behind us (no, not the Patriots defense that day).
And here's another familiar scene--Al looking incredibly
sleepy.  Somehow he is managing to defy the laws of gravity by
catching a quick cat nap while standing up posing for a picture.
For the first time in 3 years, the Patriots lost a home game and
we were there to see it.  The sound of a fallen dynasty was quite
impressive, as this was the quietest NFL game I've ever attended.
Let's see, it's Colopalooza, we're at a sporting event and it's
between the hours of 6am and 3am.  Must be time for some
sausage.  Here are Al and Gary digging into yet another round.
Anxious to provide a suitable encore to his "sleeping standing
up" routine at the game, Al dozes off while on the phone.  
"Yeah Terri, we're having a blast, the game was....zzzzzzzzzz".
Now in full McGough-mode, Al let's it all hang out on the trip
back to Boston.  He'll need his beauty rest, as we still have a
full array of Italian dining and cannoli-eating on the horizon.
Dinner at Giacomo was solid. Most of the Paloozians ordered
a $35 plate of lobster fusilli, which would go down as an
all-timer for yours truly.  Big shrimp and chunks of lobster.
But the highlight of the night had to be Sean
lighting up Al over some bizarre Italian
cultural clash.  This picture captures it all.
Our last day was led by yet another big Italian meal at lunch.  
It was at this point that Gary realized that he needs to slap on
about 80 more pounds before he can withstand another Palooza.
"Hey fellas, our flight isn't for a couple of hours, we could
always cruise over to Mike's to get another round of cannoli's
and cappuccino."  Cue to Gary openly vomiting in the street.
From the face of the Green Monster,
Colopalooza 2005 bids you farewell.
Next year's trip promises to be just as
much fun, as cities on the short list
include New York, Atlanta, Seattle
and San Francisco.  Or could it be that
it's time for a return visit to the Log
Palace?  Stay tuned.