CoLoPAlooZa 200-2: dEnVer
"BIG AL GoEs foRtY"
The 2002 Paloozian experience was a study in contrasts-- sprint vs marathon,
golf vs ATV's, release vs fry, Sean vs his ATV, Sean vs security and of course,
Jay vs Bill.  And as always, it was chock full of good food, beer and laughs.  
Here is a look back at Colopalooza 2002 "Big Al Goes Forty".
Paloozian patriarch, Big Al McGough arrives
at the John Wayne airport bar to begin a
celebration of his fortyness.
An inside look at the Palooza van--which this
year provided ample room.  Hey, is Al already
asleep back there?!?
Upon arrival at DIA, Sean felt
compelled to shine Bill's shoes
while singing "Mammie".
The ninth 2002 Paloozian, Little White Kitty
enjoys the cozy environs of Dean & Craig's
golf cart at Grand Lake.
Still yet to truly feel the affects of the
Paloozian marathon, Dean & Bill are all smiles
and energy on the course.
After quickly alienating the server, Sean
turns his attention toward sharing a coffee
with Little White Kitty.
After golf, the Paloozians turned their attention
toward a more aggressive activity--riding ATV's
in the Rockies.
Not wanting to look like a wimpy Paloozian,
LWK saddles up on her "Trail Boss" and hits
the road.
Here's the roadside dust bowl where the ATV's
were launched.  Eventually it became the site
of Mad Max Part 3.
Solidifying his nickname, "Wreck", Sean
attempts to re-enact his stellar ATV-riding
performance for the day.
In an obvious attempt to flaunt his riding
experience, Milo dawns the "Jeremy
McGrath" outfit.  Very cute.
In sharp contrast to Milo's race attire,
khaki-clad Clem looks as if he's about to go on
an important job interview.
Then there's this lovely photo--a haunting
image of Dean looking amazingly similar to an
evil troll doll.  Yikes.
Al squares up his ATV to get it
back on the truck.
Al rises in the air as his rig
smashes the truck cab.
Ramp fallen, Al is happy to
escape with his life.
After a pleasant morning of golf and a
near-death ATV experience all afternoon, the
Paloozians were ready for a massive effort at
Hernando's Pizza Palace.  The highlight of this
year's Hernando's festivities was a lovely
birthday cake presented to this year's
honoree--the inimitable Big Al McGough.  
Although it took him about 14 seconds to
realize that the cake and the singing had
something to do with him, Big Al did finally did
pull himself together and cut the cake.
The past three Paloozian Fridays have been
dedicated to fishing the Colorado, which
means a trip to Ian's Bakery.
Allie and Dean get ready to depart. Al fly-fished
all morning, then wised up and caught fish in
the afternoon.
While the softer Paloozians hit the spa to buff
each other, Sean, Craig, Dean, Jay & Bill drank
beer and talked kilts.
This photo is purely a reminder to Clem that we
did in fact bring home an 18" brown, cook it and
throw it away. Ouch.
Before heading on to Boulder, Milo enjoyed
breakfast at Carver's with LWK and the rest of
the starved Paloozians.
I'm not sure whether Jay even realized that
LWK had decided to get a closer look at his hair.
An inside look at life at the Log Palace.  A handful
of Paloozians enjoy a toxic breakfast mixture of
coffee, beer and cigarettes at 9:20am on Saturday
morning.  It's about 67 degrees and the only
sound you can hear above the chatter comes
from chipmunks looking for something to nibble.
Clem continues to lament the fish that we didn't
throw back.  Billy talks his usual black-smack.  
Sean tosses out a breakfast helping of gibberish.  
Jay hums relentlessly. And Dean says nothing.
At a gift shop near Carver's, Clem, Al and Dean
found a car sticker that they just could not do
Little White Kitty takes a call from Zoe, while the
Clem, Allie and Dean troll for hot man-studs
near Golden.
Soon the "I know what boys like" sticker began
to appear throughout the Paloozian
wardrobe--first on Craig's jacket.
And then, ultimately on Jay's back.  Not only did
he fall for the old back-pat trick but it stayed
there for an hour.
Once in Boulder, the Paloozians
headed for "the hill" and an
assortment of malted beverages.
Within minutes, Allie sported a new
fro-rug in an effort to blend in as a
college freshman.
It wouldn't be Colopalooza without a little
rain, snow or hail.  This year we got off pretty
easy.  Smile Milo.
Ralphie storms the field, while Sean makes
the long trek back to "the hill", having been
booted before kickoff.
After tiring of Clem's constant moaning about some
Cuban place named "Ramba", the Paloozians did
one of their annual needless walks across town for
dinner.  Fortunately, the place was
great--highlighted by the extra strong mojitos. After
a couple of mojitos per Paloozian, Craig & Bill left
early, soon to be followed by Clem, Al & Milo.  Dean,
Sean & Jay upheld the Paloozian honor by
attending a party with one of Dean's co-workers.  
Not quite like last year's hotel room debacle but a
decent showing.
The "ClemLord" joined us for the Broncos game
and proceeded to slam beers and shout
obscenities all day long. Welcome.
With the stands packed with McAfferey fans,
the upstart Broncos went on to knock off the
NFC Champion Rams 23-13.
If you look closely, you can see Sean's
massive red shirt on the top row, just to the
right of the scoreboard.
With the help of our trusty digital camera,
here's a closer view of Wreck in action.  Nice
seats, pal.
And so concludes yet another
chapter in the continuing saga
known only as "Colopalooza".  
Thanks go to all the wives who let
their hubbies go be idiots for a
weekend.  And of course, thanks
go to the ClemLord for the use of
the awesome Log Palace.  Next
year, Colopalooza opens a new
chapter as we venture to our first
new city--Chicago. Cubs, Lake
Michigan, Blues, Notre Dame,
Deep-Dish Pizza, Da Bears.  Until