Division Playoffs: Angels-Yankees Game 3
Division Playoffs: Angels-Yankees Game 4
League Championship: Angels-Twins Game 3
World Series: Angels-Giants Game 1
World Series: Angels-Giants Game 2
World Series: Angels-Giants Game 6
World Series: Angels-Giants Game 7!!!!
Angels players looking bigger than life outside Edison.
The bunting was in full force as the Yankees arrived.
The site of our playoff seats--the right field bleachers.
Milo started hitting the sauce as the Angels climbed back.
Tim Salmon delivers the crushing blow, as Angels win.
Chuck O'Connor sports static cling hair.
Trash-talking Yankees fans bail after a crushing defeat.
The team celebrates as Angels fans realize we have a shot.
The Angel Girl who wore this outfit in 90 degree weather.
Sean, Pat and Trish getting fired up for the big game.
Angels deliver another game-breaking homer in the clutch.
This girl refused to look up for a full inning.
The Angels celebrate--a shocking win over the Yankees.
Peanuts, wrappers, cups and thunderstix litter the field.
Dave and Craig enjoy some beverages before the ALCS.
Gary Oakes looking like he's definitely up to something.
The crowd looks up in silence as the Rally Monkey arrives.
Then literally explodes as he first shows up on the screen.
See if you can figure out which one is the rally monkey.
OK, I guess monkeys don't have visible dental work.
Pat and Trish brace themselves for the monkey's effect.
And he comes through again with another homer.
The World Series arrives in Anaheim after a 42 year wait.
Giants players warm up for the critical first game.
With the Series on tap, jumbo dog were in order.
A sea of red-clad Angels fans fill Edison to capacity.
After a smooth first, Washburn served up a Bonds bomb.
Scotty and Dan ham it up before game one kicks in.
Mark Tobin enjoying the game two festivities.
Bonds about the crush the longest homer I've ever seen.
Another Angels rally is capped by a Tim Salmon homer.
The Angels celebrate another come-from-behind thriller.
Rally laps up a little pre-game courage courtesy of Sean.
Sean Kahr and his best friend (no not me, his cell phone).
Sean's obligatory demented Lucifer face fires up the fans.
Down 3-2, the Angels fans even resorted to voodoo dolls.
When I took this pic, I knew that game 7 would be ours.
Angels & Giants players look on as the anthem is played.
Angels close out the game and become 2002 world champs.
Lackey's about to face the incredible Bonds.
Yours truly celebrates among thousands of crying fans.
A stadium sign I never thought I'd see.
It was an unbelievable ride--a raucous and rowdy triumph of a tightly knit team over a
bunch of talented individuals.  Angels...World Champions. How long 'til opening day?
In 2002, the Anaheim Angels shocked the world by winning baseball's World Series.  And luckily, we were
along for the ride, starting with an epic showdown with the great New York Yankees...