Month 7
August/September 1999
Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?
Oh, hello there!!
Hey, you're silly!!
Let's play!!
You Crack Me Up Mom!!
Uh Oh, Show's Over!!
Here I am with Mom & Dad at Laguna Beach. I
touched the ocean for the first time--YUCKY!!
Higher Mom,
Don't bother me Daddy, I'm reading
the paper. Oh look, there's a story
about another baby named Ryan Leaf.
Nothing special.
I just dig this
Grampa & Roberta got me this nifty high chair.
But most of my
food still ends
up on the floor
(I like to give
something to
live for).
Well, that's it for me folks.  
Thanks for stopping by and
we'll see you again in a few
short weeks. -zoe
Wow, time is really flying by. It's been a lot of fun lately--I've learned to roll over, clap my hands, make fun of Daddy
and even read the newspaper (well sort of).  Enjoy the photos. I call this first little section my "yellow series".  No, it's
not what you think--my
pajamas are yellow!!