Month 6!!
July/August 1999
Can you believe that half a year has already gone by since I started my website?  I guess time flies when
you spend the day drooling.  Anyway, let's get down to business with my epic 6th month.  I realize the 5th
month was a little slow in the photo count, so I promise to give you a little extra action this time. Dad thinks
we should kick things off with a touching foray into my Italian heritage.  Buon Appetito!!
Mom & Dad have me on a healthy diet of activities outside of the house.  I get to watch them
eat out a lot (which led me to that tasty breadstick) and every now and then, they sneak me
into a movie or ballgame.  Here I am taking in an another Angels loss against the Dodgers.
Permisso Papa?!  Come take a photo of me
digging into this beautiful Italian breadstick.  
I promise I won't tease you like I did with the
rice.  I'll eat it, I promise.  Per favore, Papa!!
Papa!  Now let's
get started.  But
wait, is it a
breadstick or
flute?  See, I can
still trick you,
First you must give the tasty morsel a little
kiss.  Come si chiama, little breadstick?
Now let's take a look at what my mornings are like around here...
I usually get the day rolling with some
exercise.  Two of my favorite things to do in
this world are to play with my toes and sing
to my animal friends--my Sea Posse, if you
will.  The Frog is from Denver, the Octopus is
from Nice, the Sea Horse is from Brooklyn
and the Dolphin is from Rome.  They all
sound funny--but  I've been suspecting lately
that Dad has something to do with their
strange accents.  We like to exercise
together every morning and then we all go to
school together.
Once I'm all dressed and ready to go, Mom & Dad put me in this nifty
car seat.  This gives me some quality time to get to know my socks a
little better.  And they're usually off my feet in about 43 seconds.
With my socks off, I like to ride to school with my
favorite blankie and my best pal, Romanowski.
Don't worry folks, the month didn't go by without one of Dad's
photoshoots.  The hat is a little big but I tried to make it work.  Enjoy.
Tender smile shot?  Snap it!
Cannonball tuck?  Click it, brother!
Strange karate pose?
Gimme some room.
Hey, I didn't authorize that shot.  You better be
careful or I'll sick my furry bodyguard on you!
It was nice having you visit my little corner of
the world again. Now don't be a stranger.