2001: A Slosh Odyssey
The G-Spots win the Jacko!!   The G-Spots win the Jacko!!
In one of the most unusual Sloshball games in history, the homer-hitting G-Spots dominated the action with a
stunning 44 run performance.  In doing so, skipper Andy DeLo takes home his second Jacko Championship,
bringing him even with Sloshball legend, Scott Haiduc.  Nothing about this game was to be expected.  Here are
some of the highlights:
- We kicked things off with the annual homer derby, won by another rookie, Dan Barnett.
- For the first time in our history, we actually sang the real national anthem (thanks, Suzie).
- Sloshball went fully international, as we welcomed Brits, Canadians and Australians to the action.
- We saw our first female-hit home run when Anhthy Phan drilled the keg with her liner to 2nd.
- The combined run total of 72 was nearly 20 runs beyond any previous year's production.
- Due to the abundance of home runs and team socials, the game had to be shortened to a scant 6 innings (only 5
for Chuck O'Connor's leaderless squad), plus a final round title inning.  Additionally, the percentage of players
technically sleeping in the outfield was at an all-time high.
- An evil Pit Bull nearly broke up the festivities, as he sought raw carnage among our pets and children.  However,
on the bright side, Yukon was able to get in about 6 months worth of exercise in only 15 minutes.
- Anhdai Jacobin launched the first-ever Sloshball Kids Korner--much to the delight of Madison, Nickie-Vinny,
MiniMilo, Hayley, Aidan and Zoe.  We're looking forward to Kobe joining the action next year.
- Resident Rain Man, Jay Devaney built a bonfire out of the leftover clothing of the Randy Brewman Quartet.  He
then left in a huff when his threats to burn the traditional Hall of Fame Jacket were sternly rebuffed by a member of
the committee.
- The first woman to be inducted into the Sloshball Hall of Fame was announced before a shocked crowd at the
close of the festivities, as Dave Oskorus compared her accomplishments to that of color-barrier breaker, Jackie
It was another great game in the never ending saga that is Sloshball.  We'll see you next year!!
Zoe warms up the keyboard while
Flavor Dave tunes his guitar.
The Randy Brewman Quartet launches
into another dress rehearsal.
Hummer Devaney & company
warm up for the real thing.
HOF hopeful, Dukie dons the cap he
wore that fateful day in '89.
Sloshball committee member,
Sean Kahr calls the annual Homer Derby.
El Guapo shows us the booty that has made
him famous south of the border.
Ian shows wear and tear from
yet another team social.
Slosh regular, Tuyet pulls a dog
leash out of Mark's ear.
"Hey, I'm dating a Sloshball
Hall of Famer".
A smiling Hummer Devaney belies
the destruction that would follow.
The smoldering remains
of Sean's t-shirt.
Sean.  Nuff said.
The 7th Inning stretchers
in a touching moment.
MVP & Hall of Famer,
Anhthy  scores again.
The first-ever "Kids Korner",
starring one MiniMilo.
Future Hall of Famer, Zoe  bids us farewell.
See you next year, folks!!
Andy DeLorenzo's "G-Spots"  44
Mark Tobin's "Mixed Nuts"  21
Buck Chuck's "Commish's Biatches  7
Special Day:  Sean Kahr
Older Than Dirt:  Al McGough
Homer Champ:  Dan Barnett
Best Play:  Ian McClelland
Rookie of the Year: Jon Cornelius
MVP:  Anhthy Phan
Hall of Fame:  Anhthy Phan
Anhthy just seconds before her
ground breaking homer.
Rabid Cubbie fan, Andy DeLo gets
ready to take his cuts.
Slosh Rookies, Thi and Jessika
kick back in the Lounger Club.
The singing of the national anthems by Suzie
McClellan and The Randy Brewman Quartet.
Kevin (whose abdomen was held together with
office products) defeats Rockin in a "chug-off".
The official Slosh scoreboard rests
next to the Hall of Fame posters
The Commish walks past the
cherished Jacko Championship Cup
Kuffy The Newfy gets ready for
another Cannuck anthem singing.
Suzie McClelland: Oh Say Can You See
Randy Brewman Quartet: I Love Sloshball
Sean & Dave: Take Me Out
Sean & Dave: Here At Sloshball