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SLOSH2k Delivers True
In a stunning reversal from last year, Scott Haiduc delivered perhaps the most
honest win in Sloshball history.  His feisty young squad willed itself to the
ultimate triumph with a resounding 15-10-10 thumping of "No Crackers" and
"Keepin' It Honest" to win the 6th Annual Sloshball Championship.
Scott enjoys a moment with
the source of his inspiration.
HOF inductee, Davey O gets ready to pitch to his fellow "Keepin' It
Honest" teammates as Duke and Nick share hat fashion tips.
Zoe, the first little lady of Sloshball,
gets ready to toss out the first pitch.
A wicked foul tip runs astray, as Scott
chats with the Backstop Loungers
Chuck in a hauntingly familiar pose.
The game itself marked the beginning of the 3-team era,
brought on by increased Sloshball participation.  
Despite rampant confusion (which will be addressed by
the Sloshball Committee this winter), the game came
right down to the final inning of play.  In a game that
featured a record 14 homers, it took the 14th to finally
put the game away for "Dillodemption".  The Commish
launched a high-arching shot to center which clearly was
NOT nearly caught and helped over the fence.
The Commish pauses for refreshment.
The Right Field Loungers in action.
Milo eyes a "meatball", as Al gets in position
for another Village Idiots performance.
Lynn came from London for
Sloshball and left with a ring
and a bodyguard.
Following the game and a ravenous Wahoo's scarfing, several awards were presented.  Of
course the Jacko was returned to Scott.  "I Try My Best" went to Rob for his splendid effort
just past third base. "Super Recycler" went to Nick for his frequent sprinkling of hops on the
soil.  "Good Sport" went to Duke for his various foibles.  Lynn reeled in "Team Player" for
her transatlantic trip to attend Sloshball.  And the coveted MVP award went to spry young
Audrey for her outstanding organizing of the champion "Dillodemption" squad.
Duke displays his ever
tenacious style.
Two Canadian "Dillodemption"
outfielders flex with the Jacko.
The day finally concluded with the Hall of Fame presentation.  After The Keg
was enshrined for its obvious contributions to the great game, Mr. Dave
Oskorus was presented the Sloshball Hall of Fame Jacket and Plaque.  Dave's
contributions to Sloshball are countless, so it wasn't surprising to see him win in
a landslide vote. Upon donning the jacket and receiving the HOF plaque, Dave
thanked his many fans and then spoke about patriotism and some guy named
Jones. Congratulations Mr. Dave Oskorus--Sloshball Hall of Famer for 2000.
Special thanks go to the Sloshball Committee (Dave, Scott & Sean), as well as Bill, Kuff,
Lui, Adrian, Jay, Anhthy, Milo and Trish for their contributions to SLOSH2k.  Thanks to
each of you, it was another fun day in the sun.  See you at Sloshball Field next year.
- The Commish & Flipper
The festivities opened with our first ever Homer
Derby--dominated by Jay McGrath (Anhdai's
sister's boyfriend's roomate's girlfriend's
boyfriend) with an amazing 8 for 10 performance.  
Then "Two WOPs, an African and a Guy From
Philly" took the stage to sing a poignant rendition
of "O Canada", only to be sadly booed off the
stage by a couple of malcontents in the crowd.  
Spurred on by the MC's challenge
to, "Show them how we do it in
America", the world-famous
"Village Idiots" launched into
"U.S. of A." and a quick encore
singing of "Sloshball Man".  It will
forever rest in the annals of
Sloshball history as the greatest
national anthem ever.
Elaine kicks back in right.
Nick prepares to launch one of his many
looping pop-ups for the day.
One last "team social"
before the day ends.
Trinh getting her ears ready
for the annual national anthem.
Slosh regulars, Terri, Trish & Anne
Flave snags one last slosh snack.
C'mon Chuck, it's only the 4th inning.
"Look Hayley, my daddy's the commish,
so if you want candy, just let me know."
"Go Daddy, Go!!!"
"Milk from a bottle?!?!  Try diet Coke
from a can, Mom."
The Jacko perched atop
the empty keg.