Events 2009
Thanksgiving in Colorado
Out little guy just loves to run around and laugh in his undies.  Dude's a fool.
We love staying in hotels.  Here's Zoe taking care of my Nintendo DS pets.
The two stunning Jacko dudes hanging out, acting cool for the locals.  
We met the family at our hotel and walked to the 16th St Mall to have lunch.
Zoe with Little Zoe and Bigs with some sort of small pet that brought to lunch.
This little gal takes the cutest pictures.  She's got loads of experience.
Well, it's been forever since we've seen each other--great time to text friends.
Before heading to the airport, we stopped in Denver and found this fella.
Keystone was pretty quiet that weekend, so we had lots of room to ice skate.
Bigs checks out Denver and dreams about attending Colorado University.
We rode to the top of each lift on this cool conveyor belt--like at the airport.
Bigs had an especially awesome time riding up and down the hill that day.
Bigs got to be quite the daredevil by the end--tubing down the hill all by himself.
We only had 90 minutes to ride, so we started racing to get back to the top.
In fact, it was so fast, we pretty much laughed like crazy during each ride.
This day was really fun and the weather was awesome.  We love Colorado.
Jacko clan having a blast. This shot became our 2009 holiday card.
It doesn't look like it from this shot but this hill was VERY steep and fast.
Bigs & Zoe at the top of the mountain, getting ready for some serious tubing.
After Denver, we hit Keystone.  Bigs looks a little alarmed by the ski lift.
I'm not sure but I think Jeremy was hypnotized in this pic.  Where's Jeff?
She's sassy but she's still cute.  Sadly, Tashy was on a text ban at this point.
Thanksgiving dinner was great--this time we hit McCormick & Schmick's.
Anhdai looking very nice with her big pearl necklace and earrings.
Lo-Do at night is really pretty.  Dinner with Cookie and Al and then home!!
Being native Californians, Bigs and Zoe just love playing in the Colorado snow.
The Broncos came out fired up and layed the wood to Eli Manning's G-Men.
The Broncos taking on the Giants in their first-ever home Turkey Day game.