Colopalooza 1997: Denver
"The Revenge of Cuddles"
The 2nd Colopalooza was a spectacular affair, as Bill Taylor
and Chris Clemens joined the Paloozahood. It also marked our
first foray into the stunning Log Palace.  The picture quality is
weak, as these are captured shots from video--but still fun.
The festivities kicked off with a
molesting of Big Al at the airport.
After a quick visit to the dog
races, we spotted a topless
Leif Garrett doing some Dew.
Then it was on to
Chez Dinky.
From there, it was on to the Great American
Beer Festival...Al's dream had come true...
...where we found more beer choices than humans
such as us should ever be allowed to peruse.
Puffy sets a sleeping standard that
would follow him for years.
A delightful game
of guts heats
things up at the
Log Palace.
Big Al busts out on his rented mountain bike.
After getting lost in the wilderness, Sean struggles
to catch up to the taunting search wagon.
Clem awakens to the
sound of invading
shockingly, without a hair
out of place.
Following the Buffs team bus before their nasty
shellacking at the hands of Texas A&M.
Our Coors-sponsored Buffs tailgate party.
Big Al obviously fired up to watch the
Broncos stomp the Patriots on MNF.
Wreck pretty much sums up how
everyone felt during that chilly
morning bus ride to the airport.  
Another Colopalooza complete.