COLOPALOOZA 2001: Denver
"The Ultimate Destruction Of Duke"
Did we really  
destroy this
Yet another Palooza adventure is launched
with the first official toast between John
Wayne visitors, Sean and Craig.
With Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda as his
backdrop, Dukie thinks to himself,
"You know what, I was born to be wild".
Looking fresh and chipper, the Paloozians
embark on their twisted journey in the
much-maligned PaloozaVan.
The Colopalooza #6 namesake is proudly
displayed upon the dash of the PaloozaVan--a
glowing symbol of heroism and charm.
Palooza regulars, ClemBox and Dinky finally
arrive to take their place in history's coldest
round of golf ever recorded.
Big Al ignores the cold weather
and launches into another
spectacularly struck tee shot at
hole #2.
But before they could really get going, they're
assaulted with a painful barrage of frozen hail,
icy wind and bad opening tee shots.
With storm clouds swirling around them, the
Paloozian faithful discuss club strategy for the
ever-tricky opening hole at Pole Creek.
His first Paloozian activity literally shot down
by the hands of god, all are reminded of the
Dukie's pending "ultimate destruction".
So the Paloozians decide to test fate by getting
back on the course--only this time with a
startling array of Colorado's finest.
Dukie, gazing at Hummer as he "tees up",
mumbles to himself, "Damn, if this is my
ultimate destruction, sign me up!!"
Night vision goggles capture what appears to
be some sort of alien deerlike creature
wandering around in the woods near the Log
Having worked up an appetite on the course,
the Paloozians move on to Hernando's for the
annual pizza binge and sing-along.
And then it was back to the Log Palace for a
little poker, where Milo fittingly "fleeces" his
fellow Paloozians for several benjamins.
In a shocking turn of events, the Paloozians
experience their first snowfall--an amazing
occurrence for early September.
Luckily, the sun began to peak through the
clouds around the Log Palace and the
Paloozians decide forge ahead and fish.
By the time the Paloozians arrive at Colorado
River Guides' luxury shack, the sun is out and
they're ready to reel in some big ones.
Several Paloozians shame their brothers by
donning cute little fish booties to protect them
from the icy cold water.
Big Al, The Guapster and Clem all went on to
snag some trout...well, I guess that guppy
Milo snagged was technically a trout anyway.
Dinky and Hummer make their way to the
shore, ready to polish off the remaining
frosty-cold Tecates and swap fish bootie
Another successful trout excursion
complete, Paul does the honors and
cleans the Paloozian bounty.
Clem, fresh off a fly-fishing clinic that may
last him a lifetime, goes mano-a-mano against
the hill climbing prowess of the PaloozaVan
Here's Wreckage Kremmling's freaky hunter
bar.  The eclectic patronage just loves our
special blend of fish stank and classic rock.
Later that night, the Paloozians are exposed
to something not worthy of film, as Sean
actually bitches about his share of a
restaurant bill.
Day 3 starts with a lot more of the white   
stuff--about 6 inches worth.  It was so cold
that the entire landscape turned blue.
Here's Wreck enjoying the warming environs
and delightful scent of the PaloozaVan,
protected from the harsh conditions outside.
Hot lattes were just the ticket, as the boys
stopped in Winter Park for a little breakfast
before moving on to Boulder.
Clemmie, Dinky and Hummer launch into
another one of their patented computer,
coding, web design discussions.
The Buffs stormed into action and stomped
the hapless San Jose Spartans, while the
Paloozian brethren fought off the icy cold rain.
And following the game, Dukie officially
enters the Paloozahood with the traditional
tongue-kissing of the Colopalooza brick.
Dukie replaces Clem in the circle of trust
formed to allow for the incessant discussion of
computers, coding and web design.
Several Paloozians walk to the far end of the
fieldhouse behind Folsom Field for a
breathtaking slow 100 yard dash.
After dinner at Rio Grande and a taste of
Boulder bars, all hell broke lose at the hotel.  
Here, Wreck fittingly dons the trash can.
And even more fittingly, Big Al (just a sneeze
away from 40), somehow manages to sleep and
scratch his shiny scalp simultaneously.
The next day, the suddenly refreshed
Paloozians headed out to scenic Coors Field to
take in a Rockies-Giants game.
In what has proven to be his most important
game down the stretch to 72, Barry Bonds
(rounding 2nd) hits the first of three homers.
Although it's hard to see in this photo, the
scoreboard in right read, "Welcome
Colopalooza 2001 & Pledge Dukie"
Dinky stretches out a bit, just
seconds before he was pelted in
the mullet by a towering fowl ball.
El Guapo, clearly displaying the painful
combination effects of early parenthood and
Paloozian sleeplessness is ready to go home.
After the Coors Tour, the Paloozians
re-connect with their roots and hit the Mile
High Kennel club for some high-stakes dog
Upon leaving the track, the Paloozians
discover a great Big Mac deal running at
McDonald's.  Needless to say, they stock up.
With Big Al & The Guapster safely tucked
away back in OC, the remaining Paloozians
ventured on into Day 5 and the Coors Tour.
Our guide did not appreciate Wreck's unique
brand of beer-tainted humor, taking every
opportunity to cut him down to size.
Aaaaah, the fresh taste of 1 day old beer.  
Smalls & Dukie toast to a successful Palooza
over a lovely arrangement of pink carnations.
Then as a fitting conclusion to a great week,
the remaining Paloozians enter Invesco Field
for the Broncos-Giants game on MNF.
In what may prove to be the last aerial
stadium flyover for a while, the Blue Angels
soar over the pre-game festivities.
National anthem at Invesco.  Check out the
fans forming the Broncos logo in the upper
deck.  Broncos beat the Giants to go 1-0.
Tuesday's pre-flight wake-up call was not what
we were expecting, as we watched the WTC
collapse from our Boulder hotel room.
But the Paloozians acted quickly--stealing the
PaloozaVan and heading home.  Here Wreck
& Dukie relax at the Hard Rock in Vegas.
Embarking on the first Colopalooza bonus
day, Wreck, Smalls & Dukie pass "God Bless
America" signs on the drive home.
And soon it was time to bid farewell to our
trusty friend, the PalooozaVan--as it was
dropped off at desolate John Wayne Airport.
And as we close the books on yet another
fine Colopalooza and turn to face the
prospect of a possibly less innocent time in
this country, it's important that we all
remember the importance of the Paloozian
experience--of having good friends, good
times and of course, beer.  Oh, and green
chili.  And the log palace.  And pre-moistened
fajitas. Oh yeah, and SOMA.  And Milo's
fleece.  And Benny's.  And Ralphie.  And the
Colorado River.  And don't forget that Rocky
Mountain spring water.  Or Rocky Mountain
oysters, for that matter.  Or the ClemLord's
funny notes.  Or margs at Rio.  Or
Hernando's with honey.  Or the Palooza
brick.  Or Dinky's old pads. Or the south
stands at Mile High.  Or Crocks. Or even
Cuddles & The Bear.