Colopalooza 2000: Denver
"Let's Do This"
Wednesday's Paloozian Scrapbook:
Al's Lost Jacket, Jay's Weak Organizational Skills,
Dave's Freaky Teeth, Bunking With Al, Lemon Drops at
The Cruise Room, Rockies over Diamondbacks 6-4
Paloozian Quote of the Day:
"Hmmm, these don't taste like balls" by Milando.
Milo kicks things off
with "Let's DO THIS!!"
The Paloozians enjoy their first beers and admire
their lovely commemorative hats (donated by Flip).
The first stop was Wynkoop--home of many Paloozian beers poured over the years. This year, it also happened to be site of
something only seen once the entire trip--Bill smiling.  Brutha, don't be afraid to show those pearly whites every once in while.
Sean does his "Wynkoop Stretch" before the palace.
Satanic Sean at the Rockies game with Hummer and Clem.
Flavor D gets picks his way to great dental hygiene.
Hummer completes
the initial phase of his
poignant downing of
Rocky Mountain
Oysters.  And he
could hardly take his
lips off of them.
"Wow, that fool actually ate those nasty things?!?!"
Thursday's Paloozian Scrapbook:
Al Shoots a 98, Hernando's Pizza Pig-Out, Bunk Bed
Nightmares, Hummer Clogs The Johnny, Mountain
Traffic Jam, Jay's Pores & Leather, Clem's Tree House,
Al's Fountain of Youth
Paloozian Quote of the Day:
"Look At All That Honey" by Wreck.
Milando flashes his oblong nips.
Construction on the road to the
Log Palace meant one
thing--time to see if Hummer
could actually blow himself up on
a supertanker full of toxic waste.
"I left my wallet in my pocket, can you
spot me a quick hundie, my friend?"
"Hey, I have this idea.  You see, you
take deer crap and...oh, forget it."
"Another triple latte and I might scale
that cliff nude while singing showtunes."
"How did a fleece-clad,
Paramount stud like me
ever get mixed up with
these pathetic fools? "
Milando and a couple of Paloozian fools get some fresh air.
The fearful foursome prepares to tee off.
Big Al ponders his next shot (at getting a decent night's sleep)
Friday's Paloozian Scrapbook:
Fishing Shanty Town, Lilly The Creamy Donut, Al's
Propane Fiasco, Hot Sulfur Springs, Dinky Catches Up
On Soaps, Mountain Biking With Clem, The Stagecoach
Village, Wicked Lightning Storm, Playing Jimi In The
Paloozian Quote of the Day:
"Of course we got the damn propane" by Big Al.
Wreck reels in another, while Hummer attempts
to fish through a steady dose of positive thinking.
Milando &
Smalls work the
river like pros.
The Chicago to LA Amtrack Zephyr blasts by.
The fishing crew and their mighty bounty of Colorado's finest trout.
Century-old stagecoach hitching post.
Freaky shanty house near Kremmling.
Kremmling Saloon.  Notice the
red light used to warn locals to
stay away while  we were inside.
Classic pic of the patented "Clem-Flex"
Tucker hacks and
wheezes his way
through the night.
Wreck protects the groceries with his life.
Wreck and
Milando ponder
life in the log
Various signs littering the spacious log palace.
Wreck's stunningly
accurate portrayal of
"Al At Colopalooza"
Saturday's Paloozian Scrapbook:
Carver's Blueberry Shenk, K St. over Buffs 44-21,
Pasta Jay's, Red Bulls at Catacombs, Jay & Dean at
the Sundown Saloon, Jay's Spilled Beer, Plenty
Going On at Soma, Stadium Sprint, CU Bridge BA's
Paloozian Quotes of the Day:
"You can see me?!?" by Mysterious K St. Fan
"Is he speaking English?" by Catacombs patron
"Get out NOWWWWWWWW!!" by Folsom Nazi
"Can I have a hug?" Dean's friend
Breakfast at Carver's before heading east.
Sunday's Paloozian Scrapbook:
Chubs at Crocks, Pats over Broncos 29-19, 128
Decibels, Bennie's Mexican Food, Jay's Solo Movie
Paloozian Quote of the Day:
"Hmmmmmmmmm!!!" by Hummer just seconds before
the world record for crowd noise was finally
Folsom full of pom-poms before the carnage.
One of the great traditions in all of college football, Ralphie IV
leads the Buffs onto the field to play the #5 Kansas St. Wildcats.
Arriving in Boulder in time to  tailgate at The Harvest House.
Several Paloozians
take in the beer
and local flavor at
the Harvest House
tailgate party.
"Smile if you want to be crowned 'Miss Palooza'!"
Two freaks we found at the game.
The illustrious Palooza Brick that rests in
perpetuity next to historic Folsom Field.
Hummer completes
his strenuous
Paloozian initiation
process by deftly
tongue-kissing the
Palooza Brick.
Wreck plays a few lonely chords at Nick's to mourn yet
another painful Buffs slaughter--this ain't pretty folks..
Kansas St. fans board "The Cat Tracker"--pretty cool actually.
One of the century old buildings on the CU campus.
Two Paloozians do stretching exercises, as Dinky exits in disgust.
Just moments before the ill-fated Folsom sprint.
The Folsom Nazi kicks out the Paloozians for sprinting the field.
Strawberry Margaritas make a lovely breakfast at Rio Grande.
Milando and Hummer outside Crock's.
And the site of next year's Paloozian Broncos game--Invesco.
Bill & Wreck weasel their way over to Dinky's seats great seats.
Guinness records the loudest crowd noise in history,
while the Broncos look to score a safety.
And speaking of weasels,
we close out this year's
photo extravaganza  with a
lovely shot of the furry
creature that danced around
in the endzone during the
Broncos game--a fitting end
to yet another great

Thanks again for coming.

And until next year...may the
Palooza be with you!!
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Paloozians join forces at DIA, ready to do battle.
Fans pile into the final Palooza game to be held Mile High.
Dinky ponders his existence on this fine planet of ours.
Wreckage, Milando and Hummer deep in the Rockies.