Get to know the only
true owner of the
fabulous Log Palace,
Mr. Steve Clemens:
A man of impeccable elegance and grace, Mr. Steve Clemens is pictured here reading
from the Book of Lordes before an informal gathering of British dignitaries.  He's a
man about town and man for the ages--truly a Kennedy in the making.

Through his many years as a great advertising executive, he was able to attain
tremendous personal wealth and subsequently built the famous Log Palace of Fraser,

Long considered the home away from home for countless (well, eight) Paloozians, the
legacy of the great log palace was recently stained by innuendo and conjecture.  The
root of this foul injustice?  Sadly, his own son.

This webpage is meant as a small but well-meaning attempt to not only rectify this
terrible wrong but to also honor the great man and his many accomplishments.

Mr. Steve Clemens, Paloozians the world over salute you!!!